Sunday, October 24, 2010

Results Jan - Sept 2010

46 lbs released since January 1, 2010. I look forward to releasing another 20 or so. My body will know when it's comfy. So far this year with a high raw diet I have lowered my blood sugars from the mid 200's to the low 100's and am off all diabetes medication. I am healing nicely from the after-affects of taking cortisone for so long. For those of you out there with drug induced Cushing's Syndrome - it took me about 15 months to start feeling better after weaning off the cortisone. My gastropresis is much better when I eat a diet high in raw fruit and veggies juices, smoothies and soups w/ a small amount of nut & seed butters. I also eat a smaller percentage of cooked veggies and do on occassion eat a small amount of seafood.
Namaste' Ya'll