Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Juicy Adventure

I had 16oz juice for dinner:
1/2 head romaine
2 celery stalks
1 large zucchini
2 small pears
It was light and slightly sweet. The pears were more refreshing than my standard addition of carrots. I'm making this again...and again!
I'm still feeling the the effects of my GP flare-up last week and have decided to juice feast for a bit to get the bloating down and rest my digestive system. I'm SO ready to start this that I didn't wait until tomorrow and didn't feel the need to have a "Last Supper". I'm off to make more of this great juice for lunch tomorrow. A nice quart will do. :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Raw Raw Raw...

Breakfast: Banana/mango smoothie
Lunch: Banana smoothie
Dinner: Cabbage and kelp noodles w/ tahini dressing

Meals I'm thinking about:
Portobello romaine wraps
Tomato Soup
Red Pepper Bisque

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raw Reflections

I wonder why when I found something that worked ... I did not stay with it. I remember feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't eat "regular" food and was restricted to primarily raw blended foods and some solids.

But I was better! I guess it's the nature of the beast to want "more" ... to want "normal" but I felt good for a change and my focus slipped away from feeling good to feeling deprived. A lesson learned along the way I guess. Onward soulja girl... and here's to accepting what's "normal" for my current situation and leaving the past in the past. There's a future to live!

Juicing and Smoothies

When I juice I use my trusty Jack LaLanne juicer and strain the juice to get the fiber out. Carrot/apple/strawberry is one of my favorites. I also like carrot/romain lettuce and green juice made with romaine/celery/cucumber/zucchini/carrot.
Yesterday I ate banana and almond milk smoothies. They were tolerated very well except when I tried adding vegan protein powder to one and suffered the rest of the day. 7 grams of fiber did not agree with me. :-(
I still have bloat for now but it's better than last night. I'm off for some carrot/romaine juice for breakfast. :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Enemy - The Bloat

This is what my bloat
looks like. It's horrible.
I wear a 12 and have to
get out the size 20
stretchy pants.

Gastroparesis and CIP

Gastroparesis is a paralyzed stomach. The food one eats digests very slowly and can sit in the stomach for days. I have colonic inertia as well because what goes in doesn't want to come out. It can be very painful with lots of bloating and nausea and vomiting. Carrisa Haston had the best explanation on GP (gastroparesis) here: http://bluelightningjeep.blogspot.com/2010/02/just-imagine.html

Others with GP cannot eat at all and are on tube or needle feedings. Some have pacemakers installed in the stomachs. Some have their stomachs removed. There is no cure...

I'm having a big flareup after eating a mostly solid (cooked) vegan diet. I miss cooked food and do this on occassion and the flare comes with a vengence. I guess it's wishful thinking that when I'm feeling better I can move to the next step and eat a solid diet of rice, potatoes, and cooked veggies. The food gets stuck somewhere inside eventually and ferments. Ick.

I am considering a tube temporarily if I can't manage this on my own. Please join me as I work on this and see if I can manage my symptoms and get better. Currently I'm on a liquid diet. My main symptoms are:

Severe bloating (10" +)

Vomiting solid food


**Please not that what work for me may not work for somebody else that has GP. We all have varying degress of gut motility and severity of symptoms. This is just my experience. :-)

I'm hungry.... always hungry. I cave when I can't stand it and eat. Just a bite probably won't hurt....but it tastes good. I eat a little more....and I'm sorry... so very sorry. I'm bloated....so very bloated. My clothes are pinching my gut in half. It's spilling over my pants and pressing on my lungs. My breathing becomes labored from the pressure. It will be with me the rest of the day, maybe longer.