Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gastroparesis and CIP

Gastroparesis is a paralyzed stomach. The food one eats digests very slowly and can sit in the stomach for days. I have colonic inertia as well because what goes in doesn't want to come out. It can be very painful with lots of bloating and nausea and vomiting. Carrisa Haston had the best explanation on GP (gastroparesis) here:

Others with GP cannot eat at all and are on tube or needle feedings. Some have pacemakers installed in the stomachs. Some have their stomachs removed. There is no cure...

I'm having a big flareup after eating a mostly solid (cooked) vegan diet. I miss cooked food and do this on occassion and the flare comes with a vengence. I guess it's wishful thinking that when I'm feeling better I can move to the next step and eat a solid diet of rice, potatoes, and cooked veggies. The food gets stuck somewhere inside eventually and ferments. Ick.

I am considering a tube temporarily if I can't manage this on my own. Please join me as I work on this and see if I can manage my symptoms and get better. Currently I'm on a liquid diet. My main symptoms are:

Severe bloating (10" +)

Vomiting solid food


**Please not that what work for me may not work for somebody else that has GP. We all have varying degress of gut motility and severity of symptoms. This is just my experience. :-)

I'm hungry.... always hungry. I cave when I can't stand it and eat. Just a bite probably won't hurt....but it tastes good. I eat a little more....and I'm sorry... so very sorry. I'm very bloated. My clothes are pinching my gut in half. It's spilling over my pants and pressing on my lungs. My breathing becomes labored from the pressure. It will be with me the rest of the day, maybe longer.

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