Saturday, April 30, 2011

Juice Feast Day 7 - 84 More To Go

My horoscope was spot on today:

You've got to get serious about your dreams amd ambitions today. You can bring them closer to life than you realize if you get moving right now. The energy is right for making great progress!

Today is peaceful and and reflective. I am at peace with continuing my journey. I've released 8.2 pounds in 6 days and am happy that has occurred, although weight is no longer my main focus. My health and curing dis-ease is my main focus. Perhaps this is why this journey is flowing without a sense of urgency or impatience.

Last night I got to see my daughter Tasha playing Ephalba in WICKED at her high school. She was amazing. All the kids were amazing. It was a triad of excerpts from WICKED, Phantom of the Opera and Little Shop of Horrors. I'm going again tonight. :-)

Last night time was rushed and I just had a huge craving for coconut water, so that was my dinner. I could feel it enter me, energize me and hydrate me. It felt good to be so aware even in a rushed state. I did not care for the juice I made yesterday so it was a water fast day. Cilantro overkill. :-) Today I treated myself to some organic juice. It was a V-8 type juice with roma tomatoes, red bell pepper and celery.

My detox has been limited to a few headaches and awakening with fairly severe nausea at 3am the first 3 days. That's gone now. Massaging my intestines while holding my enemas was fairly painful until day 4. Part of my journey is to deal with emotions that have been holding me back. If you have ever read "You Can Be Happy No Matter What" and "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff)" I highly recommend them. Richard Carlson is the author on both.

I know that my emotions generate with thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts. They can be meditated on if they are beneficial to me and they can simply be allowed to pass though my mind like noticing a leaf in the wind if they are negative. It's all so simple. That being said, I'm smiling as I know there is some emotional detox that will likely come. I may whine at a later date. :-)

Namaste' Ya'll

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm WINNING ! Day 1 of 92 Day Juice Feast

Yesterday April 23rd was day one of my juice feast. I was reading one of Dave The Raw Food Trucker's blogs and his words just spoke to me in the most "down to earth" simplistic manner.

"We all have emotional patterns in how we eat. The next time You have a craving for a food you are choosing not to eat. STOP & pay attention to where the actual "feeling" is coming from. Sit still and quietly focus on where and how the emotion feel's as it moves around, stay w/the emotion and U will actually "feel it moving around then settling into a part of your body". then hang w/the emotion until you physically feel the emotion breaking up or dissipating or disintegrating. This is the only way I know how to explain what I have experienced. much luv..."The Raw Food Trucker"

I had an instant realization that this doesn't have to be complicated. I don't have to struggle with the decision of a juice feast. I can do this! And I need to do this! I re-read Raw Food Cleanse and most of Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Reversing Diabetes in 30 days.. that's a long book :-)

My thyroid tanked on the synthetic medication and I lost my digestion, my bloat is back, and I vomited almost all solid food over the last couple weeks. My weight crept back up 10 pounds and my brain has been fighting me on the even the most simple things. My nails are cracking and brittle, my hair has become very brittle and my skin is dry as a bone. My doctor put me back on Armour natural thyroid and I already feel better. I'm also now on bio-idential female hormones from my compounding pharmacy.

What shocked me more than anything is over the last 3 months my HBA1c rose to 7.2. Not good. At all. I really had expected it to be normal. My morning blood sugars had come down from the mid 200's to the mid 100's and my afternoon sugars were running 85-95. I have been trying to be good the last 3 months but have had my share of cooked foods and junk food which had affected my blood sugar much more than I had realized. I need a re-set.

Day 1:

Weight 168.4

Fasting Blood Sugar 166

Evening Blood Sugar 99

Dry skin brushing, hot and cold shower

1 quart water with lemon

2 quarts romaine/celery/cucumber/yellow pepper/zucchini/kelp capsule

White Tea

I need to get those other 2 quarts of juice in.

91 days to go! :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

95% Raw Road Trip !!

I flew out to LAX to meet with my oldest daughter Jaden and had a very lovely time. I got to see my sister for a bit!! I also enjoyed meeting Jaden's boss and his wife and her landlord who is an amazing lovely woman. She was in very good hands while living in CA, but it's time to come home for a bit. A nice Dodge Charger was Jaden's choice and it was a comfy ride. :-)

My bag was packed with a few Prana and Raw Revolution bars and I bought some clementines. Meals out were salads. It was an easy trip food-wise. Yay!

Sunny California was not. It was 50-60 degrees and cloudy. Then the winds started as we hit the high desert and the temp dropped. Freezing cold and snow until Flagstaff. I found a tree to hug and that's about the extent of Flagstaff in the middle of the night. We spent the night in Gallup, NM in a very nice Ramada. Great beds for weary women!

The winds kept up 30-50 mph from Calif until the Oklahoma border. The dust partially blocked out the sun. Eat New Mexico deserves a post all it's own.....

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best Day Ever!!! :-)

I'm having the best day EVER! Guess what made it great? I changed one little thing that has been hard for me...eating non-fresh food especially after 7pm.

I had tons of energy from not eating myself into a food coma before bed!

I'm just giddy! Yay! :-)


Today I loved:

Marinated tomatoes

Baby greens w/ tomatoes and viniagrette

Red pepper bisque

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday...Today I Enjoyed...

A banana/blueberry smoothie w/some raw cacao & a tsp of coconut oil

A Prana bar... apricot pumpkin I think.

An organic spring mix salad with baby grape tomatoes and 1/2 an avocado with viniagrette and some of my Red Pepper Bisque. I'm stuffed.

No eating after 7pm though. And no SAD food. Yay!