Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm WINNING ! Day 1 of 92 Day Juice Feast

Yesterday April 23rd was day one of my juice feast. I was reading one of Dave The Raw Food Trucker's blogs and his words just spoke to me in the most "down to earth" simplistic manner.

"We all have emotional patterns in how we eat. The next time You have a craving for a food you are choosing not to eat. STOP & pay attention to where the actual "feeling" is coming from. Sit still and quietly focus on where and how the emotion feel's as it moves around, stay w/the emotion and U will actually "feel it moving around then settling into a part of your body". then hang w/the emotion until you physically feel the emotion breaking up or dissipating or disintegrating. This is the only way I know how to explain what I have experienced. much luv..."The Raw Food Trucker"

I had an instant realization that this doesn't have to be complicated. I don't have to struggle with the decision of a juice feast. I can do this! And I need to do this! I re-read Raw Food Cleanse and most of Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Reversing Diabetes in 30 days.. that's a long book :-)

My thyroid tanked on the synthetic medication and I lost my digestion, my bloat is back, and I vomited almost all solid food over the last couple weeks. My weight crept back up 10 pounds and my brain has been fighting me on the even the most simple things. My nails are cracking and brittle, my hair has become very brittle and my skin is dry as a bone. My doctor put me back on Armour natural thyroid and I already feel better. I'm also now on bio-idential female hormones from my compounding pharmacy.

What shocked me more than anything is over the last 3 months my HBA1c rose to 7.2. Not good. At all. I really had expected it to be normal. My morning blood sugars had come down from the mid 200's to the mid 100's and my afternoon sugars were running 85-95. I have been trying to be good the last 3 months but have had my share of cooked foods and junk food which had affected my blood sugar much more than I had realized. I need a re-set.

Day 1:

Weight 168.4

Fasting Blood Sugar 166

Evening Blood Sugar 99

Dry skin brushing, hot and cold shower

1 quart water with lemon

2 quarts romaine/celery/cucumber/yellow pepper/zucchini/kelp capsule

White Tea

I need to get those other 2 quarts of juice in.

91 days to go! :-)

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