Tuesday, April 12, 2011

95% Raw Road Trip !!

I flew out to LAX to meet with my oldest daughter Jaden and had a very lovely time. I got to see my sister for a bit!! I also enjoyed meeting Jaden's boss and his wife and her landlord who is an amazing lovely woman. She was in very good hands while living in CA, but it's time to come home for a bit. A nice Dodge Charger was Jaden's choice and it was a comfy ride. :-)

My bag was packed with a few Prana and Raw Revolution bars and I bought some clementines. Meals out were salads. It was an easy trip food-wise. Yay!

Sunny California was not. It was 50-60 degrees and cloudy. Then the winds started as we hit the high desert and the temp dropped. Freezing cold and snow until Flagstaff. I found a tree to hug and that's about the extent of Flagstaff in the middle of the night. We spent the night in Gallup, NM in a very nice Ramada. Great beds for weary women!

The winds kept up 30-50 mph from Calif until the Oklahoma border. The dust partially blocked out the sun. Eat New Mexico deserves a post all it's own.....

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