Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fat Free Carrot Tomato Curry Soup

I create my best recipes when I'm having a craving and only have a few items in the house. This soup in fat free, simple and delicious! Not to mention cleansing and filling!

1 pkg Sundried tomatoes (3.5oz)

1/2 cups carrot/parsley/ginger juice - (1 inch ginger, 1 bunch parsley, 12 or more carrots)

1/4 jalepeno (optional)

2c warm or room temp water (distilled is best)

I strained my juice and poured it over the tomatoes in my blender add added 2 cups of water.

I blended it until slighty warmed.

It is spicy from the ginger. I loved the hint of jalepeno. I wasn't sure how to spice this. It was good plain. It needed no salt. I could have added a hint of garlic, but wasn't in the mood for that flavor. I have never been a curry fan, but I wanted something different. I added a slight sprinkle of curry powder over the top and BLISS....!!!

I love when the simple creations totally hit the mark for me. This is a keeper for sure!

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