Friday, September 23, 2011

Gastroparesis - Healing The Bloat

If you have gastroparesis PLEASE consider adding FRESH strained fruit and vegetetable juices to your diet. Drinking fresh juices exclusively for 60 days reversed all my gastropresis and colonic inertia symptoms after 8 years of suffering with vomiting, bloating and pain.

MARCH 2011

APRIL and JUNE 2011


  1. Are you saying that you now have no gastroparesis or colonic inertia symptoms and you can eat healthy, solid foods?

  2. I am so happy to find your site!!!! I have vocal cord dysfunction which isnt GP but similar in that there is damage to the vagus nerve mine is just in a different place. I am getting ready to start a juice fast to heal this but i couldnt find any proof it would work you had a different yet similar illness. THIS GIVES ME HOPE!!!! Mine started after a virus and the pain in my throat and neck is unbearable! I cant get a deep breath the muscles in my neck dont work. I pray this is it! are you still symptoms free? did you do fruit juices or just veggies? can you share some of your staple juice recipes for this? Thank you :) Morgan Wagoner

  3. I have had periods with no symptoms and yes I eat solid food. I live on a diet approximatelt 80 % of smoothies,juices, soups and ice creams (fruit only. I make these foods myself so I know what is in them. What causes flare-ups for me is stress. I am also healing the CAUSE of my GP/CI. I will write more about that soon.