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Appointment With Robert Morse N.D. 6/8/12

Robert Morse, N.D.

It's been a while. I've been busy healing and detoxing acids out of my body so my cells will be healthy and happy. I have discovered Robert Morse N.D. I believe this path of healing the lymph system to be the absolute truth in recovering wellness. It is a science and an art, not an opinion of how to heal the body. I have experienced it myself and it is tangible at a cellular level. I have experienced re-growth of hair, nails, and thyroid repair, to name a few. You can check him out on YouTube and his Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D. page on Facebook. Thereis also a support group for detoxers on

Here is a post regarding my appointment:

My appointment with Dr. Morse was wonderful! He's such a loving person! He was very excited about my healing crises. He said I was "Tearing it up!", and asked me if I was willing to have more. Of course I am. He said my gut issues are genetic from birth. He could see a red burning in my stomach. I found this extremely interesting because I had an endoscopy and received a picture. There was no ulceration, but my stomach was bright red inside.

We talked about my body temp dipping into the 94's last year. I got a, "Holy Crap!" from that one. That made me smile. We discussed at length the poisoning and butchering I have received over the last 30 years by the allopathic medical community, and he said I was lucky to be alive. He said I should write a book. I told him I had written one just before I found him, and will amend it to include this part of my journey. I told him there have been times where I could feel life leaving my body, and that I have no fear in this, and have not had in quite some time. It's the suffering I don't like. I talked of the immense gratitude I have in suffering. If I had not suffered, I would not have been called to reach out and help others with their suffering. He liked hearing that.

We talked about my improvements since starting detoxification 6 months ago, and how much faster my healing has progressed the last 3 months that I have been using the glandulars. He said I was a great case study for other healers, and a testament to the accelerated healing that happens with the glandulars.

I told him reading The Grape Cure changed my life and my perspective in relating to detox and healing crises, how it took the fear completely out of it and replaced it with hope. He said they recommend that book a lot to their clients.
He's going to write me up a protocol and we will go from there.

These are the highlights:
1. My left adrenal gland is degenerated. I need to repair it. The adrenals affect moods and interest and to a degree the thyroid does as well. After taking the glandulars I found myself able to enjoy music again. He was very interested in the fact I had lost the ability to enjoy music. I told him I caught myself singing to a song and I thought of him, and that I was "getting my joy back". He liked that.

2. I have red around my pupils, not orange. It's not sulpur, but is some type of drug. I've taken hundreds of meds so there is no guess as to what it might be, but it doesn't really matter. It just needs to be detoxed out. I don't need a name for it.

3. I am very acidic (which I knew). This came up when talking about the healing crisis I had when the acids in my body came out via my right eye.

4. He suggested pituitary glandular

5. He said parathyroid and thyroid should be addressed separately. The parathyroid glands are on the thyroid gland and responsible for how calcium is used by the body. He recommended a parathyroid glandular.

6. He was happy I was able to reduce my thyroid med by 3/4 and that my body temp had risen 2 degrees since taking the thyroid glandular and adding kelp capsules. He said after I am able to stop my Armour Thyroid completely, and just take the glandular and kelp, I can stop the glandulars when my basal body temp holds at 97-98 for a month. At this point I can continue with the kelp and consider my thyroid completely healed. How cool is that?

7. Hormonal replacement for total hysterectomy - I asked him if I would always need to be on my Triest because I have no female parts left. He said taking the female hormones is playing tug-of-war with my adrenals. I take the adrenal glandular and herbal tincture to heal them, and taking the Triest weakens them. He said to use Black Cohosh for estrogen.
He also said "estrogens" as most people know and use them for hormonal replacement (orginally coming from the ovaries) only feed the uterus. There is SYSTEMIC (whole body) estrogen and progesterone that is created by the adrenal glands and the liver that feed these hormones to all cells in the body. I learned something new!

8. I don't digest any whole food. This is pancreatic and I'm taking a pancreas glandular. He said to try small bites of solid fruits on occassion. He said to consume only cooked veggies if I eat them at all because they are harder to digest. I need to see fruits digesting first. Spinach I am doing ok with raw. He was fine with that.

9. I asked him why is it I am mal-absorbed yet still overweight. My husband was of the opinon that if I was mal-absorbed I would be thin. My extremities are thin, my trunk is fat. He said this is adrenal related, and water and fat will settle around the tissues that are weakest (and the most acidic) to protect them from the acids. As my body becomes less acidic I will see a release in this area.

10. Gastroparesis and Colonic Inertia - this is of course gut paralysis. In my case it's the entire gut from stomach to colon. He said he wanted to follow my lead on this one, as I know my own body fairly well. My diet is still 90% liquid (smoothies and juice) and I will continue to try small amounts of fruit and spinach and cooked veggies. My stomach is allowing me to consume solids since becoming high raw, but it's not wanting to process anything as far as elimination. No urges or BM's for 8 or so years. BUT - I recently started using ColonMax which he wasn't thrilled with because it has Cape Aloe and Rhubarb root in it. These are laxatives and are addictive. However, I was able to start having BM's very recently with using this, and he said the most important thing is that my bowels move on thier own, and he wants me to stay on it and we'll change things up down the road.

*For those that wonder why this is still an issue - I had a stress related relapse and am continuing healing this.

11. I asked him for confirmation about the large amounts of mucus I'm passing via enema. He confirmed that this is not just what is leaving the colon, that I am drawing mucus out of my body, pulling it through the gut wall, and expelling it through the colon.
That about sums it up.
I really had a great time with him. He's a special soul. :-)

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