Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mono - Eating

Mono - Eating

I find it interesting that I have become mainly a mono-eater when I choose solid foods. As my path has progressed these last three years, I realized that without even trying, I discovered I was eating one food at a time. Three years ago I didn't think it possible that I could be satisfied eating nothing but grapes, green peas, or peaches. But that's where I am now. Smoothies, juices, and mono meals. I rarely even make a salad with anything but just plain spinach. This has just become what I like, and I'm a little surprised that it happened without my even being aware of the transition.

A typical day for me is a quart of  green or fruit smoothie sipped from breakfast through mid-morning. Frozen mangos and peaches with orange juice and spinach is amazing! I usually drink a quart of juice during the afternoon. I like green and red apples mixed half and half currently. Grapefruit-red grape is good. My Citrus Trio (grapefruit, orange (or tangelo) and lemon) is another favorite. It's addictive and a super powerful butt kicker in the detox department. If I drink that one I need to buffer it with some spinach at night for sure. I can feel it at a cellular level when I drink it. I get a head-to-toe rush from the astrigents in the juice. It's not really very sweet, but what a powerhouse!

Dinner has been savory lately and green peas have been a huge favorite. I buy them frozen and let them thaw to room tempurature. Some times I add a little sea salt, cayenne or black pepper, or eat them plain.  Spinach has been another main staple. Baby Organic Girl with honey and lemon juice, or honey, lemon, and a dab of mustard. The mustard is not raw, but I'm not a purist. I enjoy what I like and what makes me feel good.

My dessert of choice is fruit ice cream. Any frozen fruit and water or juice whipped up in a food processor. Cherry-banana, mixed tropical frozen fruit, chocolate ice cream made with bananas, water and carob. Strawberry sauce is good made with strawberries blended with honey.

I haven't been playing with many recipes lately unless I'm doing a demo, because I don't really care to eat the foods combioned. I am looking at some simple ones and will play a little as I feel like it. Simple is good. I am SO loving this!

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