Sunday, July 17, 2011

To Those Discouraged With Eating Raw and/or Slow Weight Loss

Namaste' Ya'll

Many of us seem to hit a point of discouragement on our path whether we're new to our raw food journey or have been on it for any length of time, often when we feel limited, or get bored, or see the scale being sluggish.

Let's take a look at the word dis- "couraged". When it's separated out I don't particularly like the way this word looks. What I see is a 'negative' directed at my level of courage. Well that does not describe me in any way, shape or form. And it does not describe you either my friends! We are all beings with great courage in all aspects of life including our nutritional and health quests.

We might feel fear.

Fear that we had high hopes that this way of eating would get us speedily to our goals and it's slower than we would like.

Fear that we might cheat and fall off the "wagon" and revert back to a way of eating that did not serve us well.

Fear that our frustrations will lead us off on another path and we will feel like we failed (again).

Accept yourself and be gentle with yourself. Falling off the "wagon" is only a perception. There is no wagon to fall off of.

There is no failure. If you try another path or revert to a way of eating that you know no longer serves you, it's ok if that happens.

We are all just human and finding our way on our journey. If eating raw and experiencing this lifestyle feels right. You will persevere.

Self-judgement no longers serves you. It never did.

Never stop trying....ever....just get up and walk again.

See how gentle you are with a baby just learning to walk...
and there are falls.. so many falls, and you smile and are filled with love at watching them progress no matter how many times they fall. You gently guide them back up and watch with unconditional love as they fall again, knowing that they will evenutally walk without effort. You don't wish or hope they will walk, you KNOW it....instinctively. That is the type of love you DESERVE from yourself!

Walk your path like the baby. The baby is not afraid to try over and over and over. It is just part of the process, again instictively.

Your courage will always come out on top of your fear. When this happens your fear changes to HOPE which then leads to eventual PEACE which comes full circle to LOVE of yourself and all things you come in contact with. This is the circle of self acceptance and it comes hand-in-hand with eating more raw and living foods.

Please remember that your body has it's own agenda and will do as it will. You cannot command it, so try to be in bliss that you are taking a step to heal and regain your health! You have the ability to be in celebration mode every single moment! You will get there...I promise. It gets easier if your focus is on loving yourself and all that is around you.

Love the journey!

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