Sunday, July 3, 2011

Being Prepared to Stay Raw with Minimal Effort

I had a glorius Sunday! My good friend recently became a Preacher (his life long dream at age 27) and got his "own" church and we drove out to the little town he and his family now call home to see his sermon and stay for the holiday festivities. It was great and of course after the sermon they had big spread with food for everyone. I didn't really know what to expect and I didn't have a lot of time to get ready this morning so I grabbed a bowl with a lid and threw in a trusty avocado, a paring knife, my pink sea salt and cayenne pepper, then flew out the door for the hour and half drive ahead.

It's 9am and as we are heading down the road my hubby and kiddo wanted to stop at a drive-in fast food joint. They got their food and as we got on the road they started eating I started getting a little hungry. I got out my bowl and cut my avocado in half salted and peppered it. No spoon, no fork. No problem. It's natural food. I ate it naturally, biting into the fleah and leaving the rind. It was really good and I stopped when my half was done, totally satisfied.

I put my things back into my bowl and put my bowl in my canvas tote and carried it into the church. It was 104 degrees outside. That half of an avocado was staying with me! :-) I was so excited to see "FIXINS" as they call them here in Oklahoma in the dining area layed out. Thinly sliced ripe tomatoes, onions, and iceberg lettuce. I told my friend, "Hey you got raw food for me!" He laughed. Everybody loaded up their plates to sit down, eat and chat and I felt really grateful. I got many thin tomato slices and some lettuce and a dab of spicy mustard. I like raw onions but they don't like me back, so I left those alone.

I got out my other avocado half and mashed it with the dab of spicy mustard and spread it on the tomato slices making little sandwiches with a piece of lettuce on each. I had a full plate and with knife and fork in hand I shared and laughed and immensely enjoyed my meal and am still satisfied 5 hours later.

One avocado, two meals, a simple solution and a fantastic day! I'm off to make a green juice! :-)

Namaste' Ya'll


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